Fitness tips for men

Men running on treadmills in gymnasium

Health is wealth. A healthy citizen is an asset for a country. To have a sound health and to become a fit man one must follow some rules. Here are some tips to keep you fit and healthy.

Diet: Food is the fuel of our body. So always be careful to have balanced diet. Balanced diet is one that contains all the essential contents of food in right amount. Take adequate protein and limit the usr of fat & oil as it makes you obese. Eat dietary fibers and fresh vegetables that will keep adequate bowel movement. Vitamins and minerals must be included in adequate amount. Otherwise, you may suffer from deficiency disorder.

Exercise : Now a days people is more dependent on technologies. It has a bad impact on our health. It reduces our physical activities and makes us obese. To avoid this it is necessary to take a regular exercise. Walking is the most effective and simple exercise with no cost at all Jogging in early morning or walking for about 30 minutes is a good habit. It freshens and strengthen body. So take regular exercise to keep you fit.

Rest and sleep : A man should sleep at least 6 hours per day. Don’t mess your resting time due to job. If a machine is continuously running it will lose its best activities very soin. Our body can be compared with machine. Without proper rest inc can’t give his 100% effort in a work So take adequate rest and have a sound sleep. It will make you energetic.

Avoid stress: Stress is enough to ruin a man. Even It may cause peptic ulcer. Try to give away your stress. Always remember, stress can’t solve your problem rather hinders your thinking to solve it.

Avoid drugs and smoking: It is shown in a strategy that smoking is the first step of drug addiction. A smoker has higher risks to be drug addicted. Smoking can cause burger’s disease, lung cancer, oral cancer, sterility, peptic ulcer and so on. Never be frustrated. Cherish your dream. Give up alcohol. It may turn alcoholic liver cirrhosis.

Regular Physical check up: Visit your doctor to do a routine check up. This can be done at least 2 times per year.

Fitness is a combination of healthy body and mind. So always be joyous and spend your time with family and frends.Be a fit man first. Then success will be in your hand.

Best Diet for Weight Loss


Losing weight and keeping fit isn’t an easy process but a few simple diet changes can play a great role in weight reduction, it includes a balance of healthy eating and physical exercise. Among the things to consider into losing weight is the amount of energy the body requires every day, this helps in ensuring that the diet you take in will meet daily requirements of the body and thus to reduce weight you need to ensure little energy intake than the output levels.

For instance, if your burn more 500 calories every day than the intake chances of reducing weight by lor 2 pounds are very high. The diets that promote weight loss can are categorized as; minimum fat intake, low- starch intake and low-calorie intake. This entails taking foods with minimum added sugar, animal fats, dairy products and low starch content and this can contribute to weight reduction.

Similarly increased protein intake plays a great role in weight reduction since proteins have a slow gastric emptying process and thus a greater satiety effect, this is so because they have a higher thermogenic effect than the starch, and this enables the body to burn more calories which contribute to a reduction in weight.

Additionally, the need for weight loss can be achieved through increased intake of fruits, vegetables, soy products, nonfat dairy foods, fish, egg wholes, and lean meat since they all have low levels of carbohydrates and sugars thus reducing the amount of calories input in the body. Nutritionists also advise on the need to take reduce salt intake since some of the foods such as snacks and other typical food contain salts, and this increases the daily intake. Reducing salts in your diet contribute to weight loss since it reduces fluids and fluid retention in the body thus resulting in loss of weight up to 5 pounds of fluid in the body.

Diets with high fiber contents contribute to weight management by inducing satiety effect and thus minimizing food intake. This helps to reduced the amount of calories induced in the body thus minimizing the consumption as compared to the level of energy output which eventually leads to weight loss.

Similarly eating more soup plays the same role by reducing the amount of energy intake since it ensures that only a little food is consumed and thus low amount of calories induction. The caffeine contained in products such as coffee and tea together with species such as hot pepper increases energy expenditure through their metabolism and this leads to a subsequent weight loss.