Friday, August 26, 2005

Obesity Hurts My Feelings Too

News broke Wednesday that a New Hampshire physician is being sued by a patient of his. On what grounds? He diagnosed her as obese. And now her feelings are hurt.

Ok it's official. I've heard it all.

This story reaches the utmost height of ridiculous. The peak of Mt. Ridiculousity if you will. So much so, that I barely know where to begin. A doctor does his job. Tries to help his patient understand that her health is in danger (time and time again in fact), but to no avail. Not only does she not listen, but then she claims he has hurt her feelings? We are not talking high schoolers making fun of a slightly overweight schoolmate. We are talking about a clinical diagnosis that was given to a patient, with a BMI of 39.

Would having cancer hurt her feelings due to its emotional strain? Should he refrain from sharing those diagnoses as well, should they arise?

Honestly... let's look at the real story here. This woman is so unhappy with herself, that when someone gives her the truth, she takes her anger and emotion out on him! Not only does she shirk responsibility for something she has done to herself by projecting her problem on the doctor... she goes even farther by trying to get money out of him through the legal system. Her problem is a real, valid one... and all the doctor wants to do is try and help her. Yet she SUES him. She blames the very person who has the guts to confront her about a very serious weight issue.

We have become a society of irresponsible crazy people. We don't own up to things, and when called out on it, we do crazy things like expect a payout. I don't know... maybe there's a hidden message here somewhere. I am deeply offended and hurt that I have to pay so much for gas. Perhaps the oil companies should make it up to me...


Elisa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!!!!

I just started to read yours, is really nice!

Chrystalle said...

Greetings from New York City! I'm trapped in a cube and just wanted to say thanks for providing such an entertaining diversion on something near and dear to my own heart. Like you, I'm not an addict- just an afficiando of diet drinks. Why waste the calories when they could be deployed in much more enticing treats? I love your blog and am getting a big kick out of the wackos warning us against immiment death from aspartame. I too have been accosted in public places by strangers who feel compelled to save me from Splenda. Newsflash: Articificial sweetners have NEVER been definiively proven to harm your health, whereas we know for sure that excess sugar consumption causes diabetes and obesity leads to premature death.