Monday, November 05, 2007

'5' For An 'A'

If I'd known about this maybe I would have not pulled so many allnighters during college; looks like chewing gum before and during a test might help get a better grade:

As Exams Loom, Students Find Hope in a 'Stick'

"A non-scientific study of the class after taking the exam showed that students who chewed 5 gum prior to, and during, test-taking had better scores on the exam than those who didn't chew gum at all. Students who reported chewing gum during the exam received a mean score of 90; students who chewed the whole pack of 5 gum before the exam received a mean score of 86; while those who chewed no gum at all received a mean score of 60."

So if you've got a big test coming up, grab a stick or, what the heck, a whole pack of 5 gum beforehand. I've tried it and like some of the flavors, especially the cinnamon one. Yum!

Check out some of the other great benefits of chewing gum here: Gum Is Good!

And see an ad for 5 gum below:

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