Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eating Too Much? Be Cautious

A disturbing story in the New York Times today about overindulgence on Thanksgiving:

"Indigestion, flatulence and the need to unbutton tight pants are the most common symptoms triggered by the Thanksgiving Day binge. But vast helpings of turkey, stuffing and candied sweet potatoes can take a more serious toll. Big meals can raise the risk for heart attack, gallbladder pain and dangerous drowsiness on the drive home."

I had no idea about the risk for the conditions listed in that last sentence. At least the risk of gastric rupture is low:

"Although your stomach may feel as if it will burst, gastric rupture is extremely rare, notes Dr. William Goldberg..."

The article does have some helpful tips that echo some of the stuff I posted last week;

"Simple strategies can help minimize the gluttony. Keep the serving dishes in the kitchen, so you won’t take extra helpings mindlessly. Use smaller serving spoons and plates. In one study, Brian Wansink, a researcher at Cornell University, found that the bigger the bowl and serving spoon, the more ice cream people tended to eat.
Stick to foods that require utensils — we eat finger foods faster than those that require a fork.
Finally, contribute to the dinnertime conversation. The more you talk, the less you’ll eat."
So, please be safe on Thursday, don't eat the whole pumpkin pie, and keep the flatulence to a minimum!

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