Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here's your order. Hope you enjoyed the extra wait!

Ladies, do you feel like you are waiting an inordinate amount of time for your coffee beverage? Well, research from Middlebury College suggests it is NOT all in your head. Looks like we have to wait an extra 20 seconds just to get our beverage. Now if you are saying, "Well you women order complicated, difficult drinks with the skinny, and the whip, and the no-whip," you're right. But apparently that doesn't matter. This article over at Slate goes over some of the arguments you might immediately think of.

I usually just opt for a diet soda, but I have been known to grab a drink from coffee shops, sometimes on a daily basis, and have never really noticed the delay. My usual order isn't all that complicated, but I can attest that the mental calculus described in the Jezebel post certainly DOES go on in my head. Ugh, after reading that I'm thinking about Nutter Butter.

So, what is your wait like at the coffee shop? Is your order complicated? Or are you like Ms. Swan in this clip?

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