Thursday, November 01, 2007

Post Halloween Post

Halloween in the middle of the week just makes me not want to dress up and party. Make it on a Friday or Saturday, and I'm in a cool costume and full of candy, but last night, not so much. So Halloween was very low-key around the I Love Diet Soda pad. Just handed out some sugar-free treats to the local children and hoped they wouldn't toss them out with the toothbrushes from the dentist down the street.

Also, watched a little of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers on AMC, contrary to what the video box says up top, it wasn't the scariest Halloween ever. Not even really the third scariest, or fourth, maybe the least scariest.

If you are like lots of people I know (though not me, wink) and enjoy stocking up on after-Halloween candy, you might want to make a stop at Target and grab the Jones Halloween 2007 flavors. They are most assuredly on sale by now. The Monster Mojito sounds vaguely intriguing, but I'll leave Black Cat Licorice to someone else to pick up. Not sure, then check out this review over at Associated Content. Although, I'm sure anything would taste better than Perspiration!

What were you guys up to on Halloween? Any inventive costumes?

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