Friday, April 20, 2012

Yet Another Study Tries (And Of Course Fails) to Link Diet Sodas to Strokes

Sitting here on my Friday afternoon, I was casually sipping on my zero calorie beverage of choice, when I saw a news story pop up that tries to link sodas in general to strokes. The last thing I need is more stress at the end of the week, right? 
So I read further and found out that it's all just a big media hype. Typical. Way to yell fire in a hallway! 
Here's what you need to know: the study was done observationally on men and women drinking regular and diet sodas -so that means it was designed to show an association, not prove cause and effect. And the findings as per usual fail to show that soda sweetened with low-calorie sweeteners leads to strokes. 
You're totally safe to keep enjoying your diet sodas. Cheers!

View the Calorie Control Council's official response here.
In fact, a study released last month in Circulation by two of the same Harvard researchers also did not find a link between beverages sweetened with low-calorie sweeteners and coronary heart disease.  In that study, the researchers again stated, “Our results highlight the need for cautious interpretation of studies reporting on positive associations between diet drinks and cardiometabolic and cardiovascular outcomes.”
So there, you have nothing to worry about. Do your best to eat right, exercise and cut calories safely, like drinking diet soda -and you'll be just fine.

Alright, time to head to dinner and a movie with my boyfriend. Now if I could just find a diet popcorn at the theater. Yeah, right. I'll have to smuggle some air-popped in. 

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