Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mid-calorie Sprite and Fanta to hit store shelves...

Just read that Coca-Cola Co. will be testing out mid-calorie versions of Sprite and Fanta this summer. My reaction? SWEET! According to reports, "Sprite Select" and "Fanta Select" will have about half the calories of regular - or approximately 70 calories per a 12-ounce can. The tests will take place in a limited number of stores in Atlanta, Detroit, Louisville, Ky. and Memphis, Tenn.

While I'm more of a diet or zero calorie soft drink fanatic, I'm all about options. So like I said when they unveiled Pepsi Next, which has about half the calories of the regular version, I think it's a great way to potentially lure some of the consumers who typically turn their nose up at diet drinks. Plus, I love both Sprite and Fanta, so I see this as a win-win situation...particularly because I live in one of the test markets and can get my grubby paws on a can. I'll keep you posted on the taste!

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